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Sector101 WaveBlade 8MB Waveform Card & Programmer for SY / TG / RM

The Sector101 WaveBlade 8MB Card & Programmer Unit Kit is £159
Additional Waveblade Cards can purchased for £92


You can buy this kit using PayPal Secure Checkout. Details are further down this page.

The User Manuals
for the WaveBlade Card and Programmer Unit can be found on the Downloads page or you can use the links further down this page.

Sector101 WaveBlade 8MB Programmable Wavecard Information
The 8MB WaveBlade card is a programmable Waveform card for use with all the Yamaha SY / TG series synthesizers that support Yamaha Waveform cards.

Yamaha units that support Waveform Cards:
  • SY55 & TG55
  • SY77 & TG77
  • SY85 & TG500
  • SY99
  • RM50
  • RY30
This card will allow the use of custom samples in machines that do not have this option as standard. The SY99, SY85, TG500, and RM50 already have the facility to load custom samples into internal or expanded sample memory. The SY55, TG55, SY77, TG77, and RY30 do not have this option. This programmable waveform card will allow these machines access to custom samples.

This programmable waveform card can also be used as a sample storage device for loading samples into machines with internal sample memory. Copying sample data from the waveform card into internal sample memory is much faster than using floppy disk or Midi SDS.

There is no functionality impact when using this programmable waveform card with the SY99, SY85, TG500, and RM50. Samples stored in internal sample memory, SYEMB05 or SYEMB06 modules are still fully accessible. This programmable waveform card offers extra sample storage on top of any sample storage installed in these machines.

Creating Samples & Waveforms:
Currently the only software that will create the image files for this card is Derek Cook's sy.factory application. This app will allow the import of WAV files to create single-sample tones or multi-sample waveforms. You can configure the key-range, pitch, looping & original key settings of each sample which allows you to easily create a multi-sample waveform. Once you have everything setup it can be saved as one complete image file for direct upload into the WaveBlade card. The image file can be loaded back into sy.factory and tweaked if necessary.

Using samples from Yamaha Waveform Cards:
If you have a collection of Yamaha Waveform cards and wish to use the samples & waveforms for the WaveBlade card then please get in touch (email address at the bottom of this page).
I can create images from your Yamaha cards that can be directly uploaded into the Waveblade card. These images can also be loaded into sy.factory so you can create a new image file that has all your favourite samples from your Yamaha Waveform card collection.

Yamaha Waveform Card Library:
There is a library of Yamaha Waveform Card images for use in the Waveblade.
The Waveblade can contain eight (8) card images at one time.
The library contains the waveform cards below.
Click Here to access the library.

Before buying the WaveBlade & Programmer Unit please read the User Manuals first.
You are strongly advised to read these documents to fully understand how the WaveBlade and Programmer Unit operate.

The User Manuals explain how the memory on the card is configured, programming of the the card, installing the software & drivers on to your Windows PC, and any limitations.

The Software Pack contains the applications and files mentioned in the user manuals.
The Software Pack DOES NOT include Derek Cook's sy.factory application.

The WaveBlade User Manual is in PDF format HERE
The Programmer User Manual is in PDF format HERE
The Software Pack is in ZIP format HERE

OS X Users:
Derek Cook has created an instruction on how to upload image files to the Waveblade unit using the Serial terminal emulator for OS X from Decisive Tactics. This is in PDF format HERE.

Quality Control & Test:
Both units are assembled, soldered and inspected to Class 3 of the IPC-610-C standard for electronic PCB assembly. All anti-static precautions are observed during the assembly & test procedures.
Both units are functionally tested to ensure they are working fully before shipping.

WaveBlade Card mounted on Programmer Unit:

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