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Sector101: Terms & Conditions - Terms & Conditions
Updated on 26th April, 2024.

This page outlines the Terms & Conditions for the use of the website, purchasing products from Sector101, warranty terms, payment types, and payment refund terms.

Please read these terms carefully as you will be required to acknowledge and accept the terms before you buy any product from Sector101.
1. Privacy Policy Sector101 has a Privacy Policy outlining what data is held by Sector101, and the use of Cookies used by the Sector101 Website.

You can view the Privacy Policy by visiting this page.

2. Payment for Goods Payment for all Sector101 products is processed by PayPal.

PayPal offers a secure payment process whilst keeping your payment details private.
PayPal WILL NOT disclose your Card Payment Information to Sector101.
Details such as Card Number, Expiry Date, and CVV number will only be known to PayPal.

PayPal WILL send information such as your PayPal Email Address and the Shipping Address you have registered to your PayPal account.

It is up to you to keep this information up-to-date as this is the email contact and shipping address we will use to contact you and where to ship your purchase.

It is strongly advised that you email us with your current Contact Email and Shipping Address after you make a purchase to confirm these details. Please use the CONTACT US email link at the bottom of each website page.

You will receive a confirmation email after your purchase. Please allow 24 hours for us to respond to your order.

3. Product Warranty All Sector101 Products come with a 1-Year Warranty. This means the product will be covered for faults occuring within that time.

This warranty is limited to normal use of the product. The warranty does not cover physical damage, attempted disassembly, 'circuit-bending', reverse engineering, exhausted batteries, or misuse of the product.

4. Returns Policy If you believe that you have received a defective product please contact us first. You will be requested to sent the product back to us for analysis.

If we find the product is defective we will refund your payment and refund the cost of having it shipped back to us.

We cannot offer refunds for any products ordered in error, incorrectly installed, tampered with, or if you change your mind after receiving a product.

5. Payment Refunds If a situation arises where your PayPal payment needs to be refunded the amount we will refund will be approximately 5% less than the original payment.

This is due to PayPal keeping the initial transaction fee and this fee is not reimbursed to us during the refund process.

If the Payment Refund is due to a valid warranty claim we will refund it in full including the cost of the return shipping.

6. Shipping Information All Sector101 products are shipped using Royal Mail services.

For the United Kingdom this will be either First Class Recorded, or Special Delivery 1pm Service depending on the value of insurance coverage needed.

For International destinations a Tracked Service is used with postal insurance included to cover the value of the product.

After your purchase has been shipped you will receive an email with a link to the tracking information.

IMPORTANT: Please check that we can ship to your country before purchasing a Sector101 product.

We can only ship to these International Destinations:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United States

If your shipping destination is not on this list please use the CONTACT US using the email link at the bottom of the page. We will be able to advise if we can ship to your destination.

7. Combined Shipping We can offer Combined Shipping if you wish to order several Sector101 products and have them shipped in a single package to save on shipping costs.

The maximum insurance value we can place on a single package is £250GBP. If the total product value is less than this we will be able to ship everything in one parcel.

You can order the products you want as normal using the PayPal links on each product page. If we can combine shipping on your total order then we will refund the savings back to one of your PayPal payments.

If you wish to discuss combined shipping options please use the CONTACT US email link at the bottom of each website page.

8. Customs Taxes Depending on the shipping destination you may be required to pay Import Duty on your Sector101 purchase.

For destinations outside the United Kingdom all Sector101 products are shipped with a CN22 Customs Form attached to the parcel. This gives a brief description of the product and the product's value.

We have no control on what Taxes you will need to pay, this is controlled by the Customs in your country.

9. Product Usage Information You are requested to read the User / Installation manuals for Sector101 products and fully understand how to use them before purchasing.

The Sector101 Waveblade and SR-JV Romulator require software to be installed on your Windows computer before you can use these products. It is strongly advised that you read the User Manuals for these products before purchasing them to ensure you will be comfortable using them.

For products such as memory expansions and memory cards you are responsible for understanding the functions of the your synth unit when using these products.
This includes memory card formatting, reading and writing patch data to memory cards, reading and writing sample data to wave memory expansions. For this information consult the User Manual for the synth product you are operating.
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