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Novation Supernova II Keyboard and Rack Repair Service

Do you own a Novation Supernova II and have these audio issues with the
Headphones / Output 1 / Output 2 jacks..?

  No sound or dead audio
  Crackle noises
  Random static noise or hiss
  The audio disappears after the unit has warmed up
  The audio 'clicks' when adjusting the Volume knob when no sound is playing

The fault is most likely the DAC IC that generates the audio for these outputs.

This is a service where you send the motherboard PCB and I will replace the DAC.

I use the later CZ4392KZZ DAC for replacement as it has better Signal to Noise ratio.

  PCB is tested on arrival to ensure the fault is the DAC IC
  Old DAC removed and new item fitted
  PCB retested to ensure the problem is resolved
  PCB is repacked using anti-static protection
  PCB is returned using Tracked Delivery
  2 Working Day Turnaround
  New DAC IC is from a recognised vendor - no fake Chinese, eBay, or Old Stock ICs are used
  Work undertaken in full anti-static conditions
  Professional Service - 25 Year experience in SMD & Thru-Hole PCB Repair
  Repair work done to IPC Class 3 standard. Clean solder fillets, no dirty residue.

Other Supernova II Service Repairs
If your Supernova II has a fault other than the DAC fault I may be able to help.

Encoders and Potentiometers:
A common fault with the Supernova is that the encoders and potentiometers wear out. The encoders are used for the two Data Selection knobs and the Tuning knob. The potentiometers are used for all the other knobs. When these malfunction the data values on the screen will jump / lag / or be difficult to adjust. Please get in touch if you need these replaced.

DSP Faults:
With a DSP fault the Effects Special LED (keyboard) or Comb Filter LED (Rack) will flash and several of the Part LEDs may be lit. When the Supernova II boots the display will be blank and the unit will not generate any sounds. If this problem appears when the unit is playing sounds then the sound will hang and the Effects Special LED (keyboard) or Comb Filter LED (Rack) will flash.
Please get in touch if you have this issue.

FLASH Write Error Faults:
With this fault the Supernova II will display "Flash Write Error !! Switch off & re-try"
It may display this instead "ROM to O/S Flash Progress [0%]"
Please get in touch if you have this issue.

Supernova II hangs when Booting:
With this fault the Supernova II will either constantly light or flash ALL the LEDs on the panel and the display will be blank.
Please get in touch if you have this issue.

Supernova II OS upgrade to version 2.0:
I can upgrade your Supernova II PCB's EPROM to Version OS2.0 whilst it is in for repair.

Repair of Damaged PCB:

If a previous repair has been attempted on your PCB let me know BEFORE sending the PCB.
Any PCB arriving with track or pad damage will be rejected and returned. A handling charge may also be applied. If your PCB needs repair to the DAC area please get in touch BEFORE you buy this service.

Customer Supplied DAC:
The DAC used for this repair comes from a recognised vendor who supplies currently manufactured stock. Using this DAC I can be confident that the repair of your unit will be permanent. DACs supplied by customers WILL BE REJECTED as I cannot guarantee the authenticity of the DAC.

Sector101 DAC Repair:

Cirrus Logic CS4392KZZ DAC

No PCB or Component Damage

DAC aligned correctly to pads

Smooth solder fillets

Repair area totally clean

For instructions on how to remove the main PCB please download this guide (PDF):
Supernova II Keyboard & Rack PCB Removal Guide

DAC Replacement Service Prices including Return Shipping:
Royal Mail Special Delivery 1pm is used for all UK Return shipping.
The package will require a signature on delivery.

Royal Mail International Tracked AirMail will be used for all International destinations.
Delivery usually takes around 7 working days excluding any customs and postal delays in your country.

If you wish to use this service please contact me using the email address below.
Please let me know if you are in the UK or outside the UK.

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