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Sector101 SR-JV ROMulator & Programmer for JD / JV / XP / XV

The Sector101 SR-JV ROMulator 8MB Card & Programmer Unit Kit is £135
Additional ROMulator Cards can purchased for £65


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Sector101 SR-JV ROMulator Programmable Wavecard Overview
The SR-JV ROMulator card is an 8 Megabyte programmable Waveform Card for use with all the Roland series synthesizers that support SR-JV80 Expansion Cards.

The ROMulator card has been developed to allow experimental data to be used in a Roland unit. This will allow reverse-engineering to be performed on known-good SR-JV Expansion Card data. The goal is to unlock the data format of the Roland SR-JV cards and ultimately be able to create custom waveforms and patches that can be used in a Roland unit using the ROMulator card.

SR-JV Waveform Card Information taken from
The Roland JV-80, JV-90, JV-1000, JV-880, and JV-1010 synths from the JV series can be expanded with one SR-JV80 wave expansion board, as can the JD-990 and the Fantom FA-76.
The XP-30 and XV-88 can accept up to two SR-JV80 boards.
The XP-50, XP-60, XP-80, JV-1080, XV-3080, and XV-5080 can accept up to four SR-JV80 expansion boards.
The JV-2080 can accept up to eight SR-JV80 expansion boards.

ROMulator Card & Programmer Operation:
The ROMulator card is used along with the Programmer Unit to perform Read / Write / Erase jobs on the card.

The Programmer Unit plugs into a PC using the USB interface. The power for the Programmer Unit comes from the USB connection so no other power supply is needed.

To perform the tasks the Programmer Unit is controlled through a Terminal Emulator (Tera Term) application. The user enters commands through the keyboard and the Programmer Unit responds accordingly.

The Programmer Unit can also be used to backup data from SR-JV Expansion Cards. If an SR-JV card becomes faulty at a later date you can re-create the card using the ROMulator card.



Terminal Emulator Interface:
The example below shows the Programmer Unit's responses to one of the commands.
The top part of the screen is the normal boot title when the Programmer Unit is plugged in.
The CD command asks the Programmer Unit what type is card is installed on it.
The first response is where the ROMulator card was plugged in with data already programmed in to it.
The second response is where the original Roland Techno SR-JV card was plugged in.

The Tera Term Terminal Emulator application is included in the ROMulator Software Pack ZIP file.

ROMulator Cards installed in JV-2080:

Before buying the ROMulator Card & Programmer Unit please ensure you have read the User Manual beforehand and are confident with what is required to setup and use the Programmer Unit with your computer.

The User Manual takes you through the setup of Tera Term and installing the USB driver for the Programmer Unit. Please take the time to read through the manual and understand all the functions of the Programmer Unit.

ROMulator cards will only be supplied fully erased. This product has been developed as a tool to understand the Roland SR-JV data format. ROMulator cards will NOT be supplied with pre-programmed data.

For more information about the SR-JV ROMulator please download the manual from the link below.

User Manual Version 1.3:
The User Manual V1.3
for the SR-JV ROMulator can be downloaded HERE in PDF format.

ROMulator Software Pack:
The Software Pack
for the SR-JV ROMulator can be downloaded HERE in ZIP format.

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