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Sector101: SR-JV Romulator
Sector101 SR-JV Romulator
Sector101 SR-JV Romulator Card

8MB Programmable SR-JV Waveform Card for Roland JV / JD / XP / XV

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Sector101 SR-JV Romulator + Programmer Unit
Sector101 SR-JV Romulator & Programmer
Product Description:
The Sector101 SR-JV Romulator is a 8 MegaByte Programmable SR-JV80 Waveform Card.

The Romulator card has been developed to allow experimental waveform data to be used in a Roland unit.

This will allow reverse-engineering to be performed on known-good SR-JV Expansion Card data. The goal is to unlock the data format of the Roland SR-JV cards and ultimately be able to create custom waveforms and patches that can be used in a Roland unit using the Romulator card.

The Sector101 SR-JV Romulator is compatible with these Roland Products:
  • JV-80, JV-90, JV-880, JV-1000, JV-1010, JV-1080, JV-2080
  • JD-990
  • Fantom FA-76
  • XP-30, XP-50, XP-60, XP-80, XV-88
  • XV-3080, XV-5080

The Programmer Unit is used to perform Read / Write / Erase jobs on the Romulator card.

The Programmer Unit plugs into a PC using the USB interface. The power for the Programmer Unit comes from the USB connection so no other power supply is needed.

The Programmer Unit is controlled through a Windows Terminal Emulator (TeraTerm) application. The user enters commands through the keyboard and the Programmer Unit responds accordingly.

The Programmer Unit can also be used to backup data from your SR-JV Expansion Cards. If your SR-JV cards become faulty at a later date you can re-create your card using the ROMulator card.

Sector101 SR-JV Romulator & Programmer Photos:
SR-JV Romulator + Programmer Unit:
SR-JV Romulator + Programmer Unit:
SR-JV Romulator + Programmer Unit:
SR-JV Romulator + Programmer Unit:

TeraTerm Overview & User Manual Downloads
Using the TeraTerm Terminal Application:

The screenshot below shows the TeraTerm Windows Application with an example of how to use it.

In the example below I have used the CD command.

The CD command asks the Programmer Unit what type is card is installed on it.
The first response is where an original Roland Techno SR-JV card was plugged in.
The second response is where a ROMulator card was plugged in with custom waveform data.

The commands needed to program, erase, or check the Romulator card are all entered in the same way.
The Setup, Driver Installation, and all the programming commands are explained in the User Manual.

Romulator User Manual & Software Pack Downloads:
Sector101 SR-JV Romulator User Manual (PDF)
Sector101 Romulator Programmer Software Pack for Windows (ZIP)

Mac OS X - Using the Serial Terminal Emulator by Decisive Tactics. Written by Kevin Meinert (PDF)
LINUX - Using the MiniCon Terminal Emulator for Linux. Written by Lance (PDF)

Before buying the Romulator Card & Programmer Unit please ensure you have read the User Manual beforehand and are confident with what is required to setup and use the Programmer Unit with your computer.

The User Manual takes you through the setup of Tera Term and installing the USB driver for the Programmer Unit. Please take the time to read through the manual and understand all the functions of the Programmer Unit and how to use them through the TeraTerm Application.

Using the Serial Terminal Emulator by Decisive Tactics:
Lady Apptitude has created a YouTube Video showing how to upload an image using the Mac OS X
Serial Terminal Emulator by Decisive Tactics

Custom ROM Creation
SR-JV ROM Hacking Kit by Python Blue:

Python Blue has created a ROM Hacking Kit on GitHub.
This kit will create SR-JV Romulator BIN Images from new sample sets.
The kit is based on the Python language and requires it to be installed on your PC before using the kit.

His YouTube Video below outlines the process of creating a Romulator Card image:

Card Image Library:
These images can be used to study the SR-JV sample / patch data format.
Click Here to access the Image Library

Please Note: I DO NOT supply Romulator cards pre-programmed with Card images.

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