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Novation Supernova II / Nova II SIIEX24 - 24 Voice Pro-X Expansion Board

Novation SIIEX24 Expansion

Do you own the Novation Supernova II or Nova II? Are you looking for the rare 12 or 24 Voice expansion card?

This expansion card is known as the SIIEX12 or SIIEX24 board depending on the number of voices it adds.

When installed in the Supernova II it will expand the polyphony to 36 voices (Pro) or 48 voices (Pro-X).
When installed in the Nova II it will expand the polyphony to 24 voices (X) or 36 voices (XL)

Please see the Sector101 Wordpress article HERE for project details!

Sector101 SIIEX24 Expansion Card:

Sector101 SIIEX24 installed in SNII Keyboard:

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