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Sector101 SIIEX24 - 24 Voice Expansion Board for Supernova II & Nova II

The Sector101 SIIEX24 Expansion Card is £169


Novation SIIEX24 Expansion

The Sector101 SIIEX24 is a direct replacement for the Novation SIIEX24 24 Voice expansion card.

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This card fits the Supernova II Keyboard and Supernova II Rack.

Expands the Novation Supernova II to 48 voices (Supernova II Pro-X 48 Voices).
Expands the Novation Nova II to 36 voices (Nova II XL 36 Voices)

Designed and assembled in the United Kingdom
Genuine Motorola DSP Processors
Works with all OS Versions and Motherboard Revisions
Larger 6 Layer PCB with full copper planes to enhance heat dissipation
Upgraded regulator circuit
Fully functional tested before despatch
Shipped in full anti-static packaging

The Installation Guide for the SIIEX24 can be downloaded HERE

Sector101 SIIEX24 Component Side:

Sector101 SIIEX24 Solder Side:

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