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Sector101: SIIEX24 Expansion
Sector101 SIIEX24 24-Voice Expansion Card
Sector101 SIIEX24 Expansion Card

24 Voice Expansion Card for Novation Nova II & Supernova II Keyboard / Rack

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Sector101 SIIEX24
Sector101 SIIEX24 Expansion Card
Product Description:
The Sector101 SIIEX24 is designed for the Novation Supernova II & Nova II.

The SIIEX24 Expansion Card will upgrade the Novation Supernova II polyphony to 48 Voices, and the Novation Nova II to 36 Voices.

This item is fully plug-and-play. After installing the card in the unit it will recognise it and automatically upgrade the polyphony.

The Sector101 SIIEX24 Expansion Card is compatible will all the Novation products below:
  • Novation Supernova II Keyboard
  • Novation Supernova II Rack
  • Novation Nova II Keyboard

NOTE: The SIIEX24 is NOT COMPATIBLE with the first Supernova Rack unit (known as the Supernova 1)

The Installation Manual is available in PDF format. Download it using the link below:
Sector101 SIIEX24 Installation Guide for Novation Nova II & Supernova II

Sector101 SIIEX24Sector101 SIIEX24

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