Memory Solutions for Synthesizers

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Sector101 Blog
The Sector101 Blog. Contains articles of modifications / repairs / debug.

Sector101 SoundCloud
The SoundCloud account has audio files of WaveROMs extracted from rompler units and wavecards.

Yamaha Musicians
The forums contain all sorts of useful info about music kit - they're not limited to Yamaha gear alone. If you have a problem or can help out other owners then drop on over!

Vintage Synth Explorer
Since 1996, the Vintage Synth Explorer has been a leading online resource for vintage synthesizers, digital synthesizers, software synthesizers, and other forms of electronic musical instruments.
Detailed descriptions and reviews, pictures, audio and video demos, technical specifications, lists of famous users, links, and much more provide the ultimate way to learn about these instruments

EX5Tech is your place on the web for information, discussion, and resources for the Yamaha EX5/7/R series of synthesizers. Our forums are the lifeblood of the site, with a terrific crowd of knowledgeable and helpful people.

Synthesizer Librarian Software. This site is home to the series of x.factory librarians, which provide cross platform librarian facilities for several synthesizers.

Harmony Central
The #1 Online Community for Musicians. 'Nuff said!

Forum for professional and amateur recording engineers to share techniques and advice.

Everything Synth.

MIDI-OX is a multi-purpose tool: it is both a diagnostic tool and a System Exclusive librarian. It can perform filtering and mapping of MIDI data streams. It displays incoming MIDI streams, and passes the data to a MIDI output driver or the MIDI Mapper. You can generate MIDI data using the computer keyboard or the built-in control panel. You can even record and log MIDI data and then convert it to a Standard MIDI File for playback by a sequencer.

Dr. Squ's deep!sonic site
"In deep!sonic I primary show my musican side in my life. More and more people come here to watch the balance in my life - photography in nature. I like the world wide web and found a lot of information and answers. Because this I feel better to give a little bit back and presents my works here in deep!sonic. But more I think it's important to feel and life culture with all kinds."

Self-Refreshing webpage utility that runs from your browser.

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