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Sector101 EXFLM2 16MB Flash Memory for Yamaha EX5, EX5R & EX7

The Sector101 EXFLM2 16MB Flash SIMM Kit is £88


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Sector101 EXFLM2 16MB Flash ROM Information
The Sector101 EXFLM2 16MB Flash ROM Kit is designed for the Yamaha EX5, EX5R & EX7.

This Flash kit allows samples to be stored in the Yamaha EX5, EX5R & EX7 as 'non-volatile' so they are available again when the unit is switched on. No more reloading of samples everytime you switch on!

The design was reverse-engineered from the Vital Technologies 8MB SIMM kindly loaned to me by Derek Cook (moderator of EX5Tech and YamahaForums). Big thanks to Derek for trusting me with his very rare Vital SIMM and testing the Sector101 16MB kit on his own EX5 Synth! Also thanks to Mischa (dr.squ) from Deep!Sonic for supplying me with detailed photos of his original Yamaha EXFLM1 board :)

Flash & DRAM Memory Status - Words Vs Bytes
The EX series display the FLASH and DRAM memory sizes in Words rather than Bytes.
This means the value displayed on the screen is half the amount as expected because a Word is a Double Byte.

After you install the 16MB Flash expansion the value on the screen should show 8388608 as displayed in the screen photo below. Also note the 34078720 value for DRAM. This indicates 65MB of DRAM installed - 1MB onboard and 64MB fitted as SIMMS.

Quality Control & Test:
All Flash SIMM modules are assembled, soldered and inspected to Class 3 of the IPC-610-C standard for electronic PCB assembly. All anti-static precautions are observed during the assembly & test procedures.
After the unit is fully assembled it goes through a 3-stage PCB cleaning process. The SIMM is then functionally tested to ensure it performs as it should. The SIMM modules are then serialised and packed in a static shield bag ready for dispatch.

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EXFLM2 16MB Flash Kit for Yamaha EX5, EX5R, EX7
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EXFLM2 16MB Flash Kit for Yamaha EX5, EX5R, EX7
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