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Sector101: Datablade
Sector101 Datablade Data Card
Sector101 Datablade 32 MCD Data Card

32x MCD-64 Multi-Bank Data Card for Yamaha SY / TG / RM

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Sector101 Datablade Data Card
Product Description:
The Datablade 32 is a Multi-Bank MCD-64 card.

The Datablade 32 card will perform the same functions as a regular Yamaha MCD-64 memory card but will hold the total data of 32 individual MCD-64 cards.

The Datablade card memory is split into 32 Card Banks. Each Card Bank has a 64KB capacity and acts like an independent 64KB MCD Data Card.

There is no limitation on how the individual 64KB banks are used. Each bank can be formatted by any synth unit without affecting the data stored in other banks.

The Sector101 Datablade is compatible with these Yamaha Products:
  • SY22
  • SY35 & TG33
  • SY55 & TG55
  • SY77 & TG77
  • SY85 & TG500
  • SY99
  • RM50
  • TQ5
  • V50
  • SPX990

Datablade 32 Card Details:
  • The Datablade 32 has a 2 MegaByte Memory divided into 32x 64KB Card Banks
  • The Digit LED and 3x LEDs indicate which Card Bank is currently selected.
  • The Rotary Switch selects the Card bank and operates the utility functions.
  • The Digit LED number can be rotated so it is easier to read when used in Rack units.
  • The Brightness of the Digit LED and 3x LEDs can be adjusted.

Datablade Card Capacity Chart:
The Datablade 32 can hold 32x Yamaha MCD-64 cards (Red Box)
Datablade Card Capacity Chart

Datablade Card mounted in Yamaha SY85:
Datablade Card mounted in Yamaha SY85

2x Datablade Cards mounted in Yamaha TG500:
2x Datablade Cards mounted in Yamaha TG500

Datablade User Manual:
The User Manual (PDF) for the DataBlade 32 Card can be downloaded using the link below:
Sector101 Datablade 16 / 32 User Manual

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