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About Sector101
What is Sector101..?
Sector101 is a sole-trader company based in Northern Ireland operated by Brian Allan.

My background is 33 years in the Electronics Assembly business when I have gained knowledge of Through-Hole and SMD PCB Assembly, PCB Rework and Repair, Automated Test Programming, Circuit Debugging to Component Level, and creating Test Solutions for PCB Assemblies and Cable Harnesses.

For my Sector101 projects I have invested in Test Equipment such as Fluke DMMs, Agilent & HP Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzer, and Bench PSUs. For Product Assembly I use Weller and Metcal Soldering Stations, Illuminated Magnifiers, Hot-Air Rework Station, and Stereo Microscope for PCB Repair & Rework.

All PCB assembly is done under full ESD protection using an ESD Complient Workstation.

All Sector101 products are designed, built, and shipped from Northern Ireland (UK).

Sector101 History
Sector101 started from a small PCB design project back in 2006. The aim was to create a clone of the Yamaha SYEMB06 memory module used in the SY85, TG500, and RM50.

There had been talk about creating a clone of the SYEMB06 on the YamahaMusicians Forum at the time and this gave me the nudge to try to recreate it.

With this being my first PCB creation there was a learning curve. Although the item was quite basic I needed to learn PCB design, identify the components, create a Bill of Materials, then create a test solution.

At this time my skillset included PCB Rework and interfacing memory to microprocessor systems. I just needed to design the PCB, take the financial plunge, and get a batch of bare PCBs made.

The original batch size of PCBs was 30. Without knowing what the market was for the SYEMB06 I thought this was a safe quantity to start off with. As time went on the Sector101 SYEMB06 clone became popular with 720+ units having been shipped to this date.

After the SYEMB06 design project was finished I went on to create several other products and services:
  • SYEMB05 Expansion for Yamaha SY99
  • EXFLM 16MB Flash Kit for Yamaha EX5 / EX7 / EX5R
  • Datablade Multi-Bank MCD Data Card for Yamaha Synths
  • Waveblade Multi-Bank Waveform Card for Yamaha Synths
  • SR-JV Programmable Romulator Card for Roland Synths
  • SIIEX24 Voice Expansion Card for Novation Nova II / Supernova II
  • Repair Service for the Novation Supernova II

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